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Our wines express indigenous grapes grown 6,000 years ago, and they mirror the country and our point of view – full of life, resiliency, and familiar yet unique taste. No matter what you choose, you’ll fall in love with Armenian wines.

We currently ship to all states with the exception of AL, AK, AR, DE, HI, KY, ME, MS, MT, NH, ND, OK, RI, SD, UT, VT, WV, and WY.

Holiday Gift Collections

Sparkling Trio all three keush
Bubbles Trio

Keush Origins, Keush Ultra Blanc de Noirs, Keush Rosé Cuvée Couchanne

Karasi Trio all three Voskevaz
Clay Pot Trio

Voskevaz Karasi Collection Voskehat, Voskevaz Karasi Collection Haghtanak, Voskevaz Karasi Collection Areni Noir

Best of Red_ Van Ardi Reserve, Voskevaz Areni, Zulal Reserve
Reds of Armenia Trio

Van Ardi Areni Reserve, Voskevaz Karasi Collection Areni Noir, Zulal Reserve

Holiday Set_ Van Ardi Estate, Keush Origins, Zulal Voskehat
Holiday Mix Trio

Van Ardi Estate Red Blend, Keush Origins, Zulal Voskehat

Shofer Trio_ Red, white, rose
Lada Driver Trio

Shofer Rosé, Shofer Voskehat, Shofer Areni


White wine Keush Origins
Keush Origins

Bright notes of citrus, apple and flowers.

Keush Blanc de Blancs

Lively, with soft, creamy texture and notes of baked bread and hazelnuts.

Keush Ultra Blanc de Noirs
Keush Ultra Blanc de Noirs
Keush Rosé Cuvée Couchanne
Keush Rosé Cuvée Couchanne


white wine oshin Voskehat reserve
Oshin Voskehat 2017

Lingering notes of pear, with a hint of sweet oak spice.

red wine oshin areni reserve
Oshin Areni Reserve 2017

Aromatic, with notes of cherries and plums.


rose wine SHOFER ROSE 2020
Shofer Rosé 2020

Highly aromatic, with notes of red cherry, strawberry, and spice.

shofer white
Shofer Voskehat 2020

Medium-bodied, with concentrated pear, melon, and chamomile flavors.

shofer red
Shofer Areni 2020

Medium-bodied, with plum, cherry, and black pepper flavors.

Van Ardi

Van Ardi_Estate Red Blend 2019
Van Ardi Estate Red Blend 2019

Attractive, ripe aromas of black berries, plums and notes of cocoa.

Van Ardi Areni Reserve kakhet
Van Ardi Areni Reserve 2018

Bright, elegant notes of cranberry and red raspberry along with roasted coffee/cocoa notes.


Voskevaz Karasi Collection Voskehat
Voskevaz Karasi Collection
Voskehat 2017

Delicate aromas of citrus and flowers are balanced by notes of toasty oak on the nose.

Voskehat Karasi Collection Haghtanak
Voskevaz Karasi Collection
Haghtanak 2016

Dark, brooding notes of ripe plum and blackberry, combined with vanilla and cedar mark the nose.

Voskevaz Karasi Collection Areni Noir
Voskevaz Karasi Collection
Areni Noir 2018

Bright, fresh red berry-infused aromas that blend effortlessly with the earthy, roasted aromas of the barrel ageing.


Red wine Zulal Areni
Zulal Areni 2018

Notes of red cherries, plums and notes of pepper. 

Red wine Zulal Areni Reserve 2018
Zulal Areni Reserve 2018

Ripe red berries, plum, and notes of spice.

White wine Zulal Voskehat
Zulal Voskehat 2020

Aromas of ripe apple, pear and honeysuckle.

Zulal Voskehat Reserve 2018
Zulal Voskehat Reserve

Aromas of white flowers and tropical fruits followed by a rich creamy mid- palate.

The Gift of Fine Wine

This one’s on you. Our digital gift cards are the perfect way to say happy birthday, have a drink on me, wish you were here… you catch our drift.