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Modern Wines from Ancient Amphorae

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Voskevaz is a family owned winery in the Aragatsotn region of Armenia. They work with quality-focused growers in various regions to source grapes for their ‘Karasi Collection’ wines; fermented in traditional clay amphorae (Karas) and matured in oak barrels. A perfect marriage of ancient and modern techniques, with attention to quality and detail.

About Voskevaz Winery

Ancient Armenian heritage comes to life at this award-winning, family-owned winery. Situated in the Aragatsotn region, its breathtaking grounds lie alongside the remains of the 5th-century Badali Zham church in the picturesque Kasakh River Gorge in the Aragatsotn region. From these storied hills, historians excavated parts of karases, or Armenian clay amphorae, used to age wine in antiquity.

Established in 1932, Voskevaz Winery aims to honor the deep roots of wine in Armenia. Since 1997, it’s been helmed by Davit Hovhannisyan, who is now joined by his brothers, artist and architect Gagik Oganesyan and metalworker Armen Oganesyan. The trio are restoring the historic grounds to promote ecotourism to the region. They’ve also created a range of thoughtfully made wines in their Karasi Collection, which combines Armenia’s amphorae traditions with cutting-edge winemaking.

“We are here to ensure we pass down our traditions, but always with a focus on improvement and use of new techniques.”

Davit Hovhannisyan, Founder

Discover. Taste. Enjoy.

We’re actively expanding our reach throughout the country, so please view our up-to-date map and list of current cities where our wines are now available, and where to purchase online.

Awards for Voskevaz Winery

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Karasi Collection

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Karasi Collection

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Karasi Collection
Areni Noir


Sharing Armenia’s Story

We are here, of course, to drink our wine. But we are also here to celebrate the soul, the history and the song of Armenia. Storica’s mission is to build iconic brands, create marketing momentum and develop industry relationships to channel the quality, perspective and value of Armenian wine to the US market.  Storica seeks to serve owners and operators of the most sought-after Armenian brands, vineyards, wine makers, and producers.