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Expressive Wines Made With Organically Grown Grapes

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The winery is known for producing expressive, fruit-forward wines with complexity and balanced use of oak.

MEET Van ardi

Van Ardi translates as ‘Sun of Van”, referring to the ancient capital of Armenia where founder Varuzhan Mouradian’s ancestors are from. Varuzhan moved to Armenia in 2008 to pursue his dream of making wine in Armenia after having lived in the US for many years. The result is a boutique estate winery based near Ashtarak, less than an hour North-West of the capital, Yerevan. Since its inception, the estate has operated based on organic principles, and has achieved Organic Certification through Ecoglobe, the local agency that serves as  the USDA National Organic Program’s Accredited Certifying Agent.

Certification Am - BIO - 112

“I am married to the vine and the wine is born from that love.”

Varuzhan Mouradian, Founder


Discover. Taste. Enjoy.

We’re actively expanding our reach throughout the country, so please view our up-to-date map and list of current cities where our wines are now available, and where to purchase online.

Awards & Recognitions

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Van Ardi Areni Reserve kakhet

Van Ardi Areni Reserve 2018

Van Ardi_Estate Red Blend 2019

Van Ardi Estate Red Blend 2019


Sharing Armenia’s Story

We are here, of course, to drink our wine. But we are also here to celebrate the soul, the history and the song of Armenia. Storica’s mission is to build iconic brands, create marketing momentum and develop industry relationships to channel the quality, perspective and value of Armenian wine to the US market.  Storica seeks to serve owners and operators of the most sought-after Armenian brands, vineyards, wine makers, and producers.