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NOA is a category leader with its meticulous viticulture in Vayots Dzor, Armenia. 

About Noa Wines

Old vines, dramatic terrain, and ancient winemaking heritage inspired Founder Jakob Schuler of Switzerland’s 325-year-old Schuler Winery to start making wine in Armenia. This boutique operation in southeastern Vayots Dzor is named for the biblical Noah, who is believed to have planted the first wine grapes in this corner of the world centuries ago.

At Noa, Schuler and his team, including winemaker Pavel Vartanyan, cultivate indigenous grapes like Voskehat, Khatouni, and Areni in carefully selected, high-elevation sites. Their minimal-intervention viticulture and winemaking processes create extraordinarily nuanced wines that taste strongly of their sense of place.

Noa’s low-intervention wines are the most recent addition to Storica’s lineup, and an incredible opportunity for U.S. wine lovers to taste world-class bottles from this historic region.

Noa - Arman Manukyan

Quality starts in the vineyard, which is why we have started there; our vineyards are cared for meticulously in order to ensure only the highest quality grapes are produced. We strive to express the best of our terroir through perfectly ripe grapes.

Jakob Schuler

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somm 4 pack level-2 may 200-400

"Level 2" 4-pack

Noa Areni Reserve

Areni Reserve


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We’re actively expanding our reach throughout the country, so please view our up-to-date map and list of current cities where our wines are now available, and where to purchase online.

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Sharing Armenia’s Story

We are here, of course, to drink our wine. But we are also here to celebrate the soul, the history and the song of Armenia. Storica’s mission is to build iconic brands, create marketing momentum and develop industry relationships to channel the quality, perspective and value of Armenian wine to the US market.  Storica seeks to serve owners and operators of the most sought-after Armenian brands, vineyards, wine makers, and producers.