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Celebrating International Women’s Month with Armenian winery owner Aimee Keushguerian

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The grape doesn’t fall far from the vine when it comes to ambition in the Keushguerian family. Aimee grew up in Tuscany, Italy, steeped in the family wine business, and is currently getting her MBA in Wine and Spirits at the Burgundy School of Business. Living in Burgundy, she is learning from some of the world’s oldest wine making families in France. She draws many parallels between how Burgundy was divided 200 years ago, and how Armenia, following post-soviet collapse, is faced with similar challenges today. Aimee envisions Armenian winemaking echoing Burgundy’s focus on crafting elegant, terroir-driven wines.

After joining her father in the 2016 Keush harvest, Aimee fell in love with Armenia’s ancient viticultural history and hooked on the challenge of being a pioneer.

Transitioning from roles at WineWorks and Keush Wines, she became a Riedel Ambassador to Armenia before founding her own brand, Zulal. Initially, Zulal aimed to experiment with rare indigenous grape varieties, leading Aimee to explore the unique characteristics of the Areni grape variety.

Driven by a desire to understand lesser-known vitis vinifera grapes endemic to the region, Aimee successfully micro-vinified varieties such as Chilar, Tozot, and Garan Dmak. This pioneering project pushes the boundaries of Armenian winemaking and highlights the rich viticultural landscape. Aimee sees the challenges in Armenian viticulture as an opportunity to redefine the emerging wine region.

Aimee was recently featured in the film SOMM ”A Cup of Salvation”, a documentary produced by the prolific Jason Wise, which follows Aimee and her father, as they embark on their quest to make wine in post-soviet Armenia and Iran. Recently, Aimee has been joined in discussions about the current state and promising future of Armenian winemaking on both the Wine Enthusiast and Wine for Normal People podcasts.

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