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Armenia Named One of the 7 Up-and-Coming Wine Regions

We are proud to share that Armenia was recently named one of the 7 Up-and-Coming Wine Regions That Should Be on Your Radar by Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Pamela Vachon had this to say:

Armenia’s wine renaissance is happening in real time, according to Ani Mouradian of Van Ardi, Armenia’s first post-Soviet, boutique winery. “The world can be watching live as we are progressing through the golden age of Armenian wine,” she says, given that the region is only about 15 years into the process of rebuilding. Soviet rule since the 1920s had seen the eradication of private winemaking enterprises in Armenia, during which time grape production in the country was co-opted for fruit brandies.

For Armenia’s winemakers, what’s old is new again. Evidence of winemaking in Armenia dates back at least 6,000 years. (Evidence of ancient winemaking can be found in the Areni-1 cave, after which Armenia’s most important red grape is named.) Today, ancient sites and grapes are being revived. So, too, are techniques such as amphora aging and the practice of kakhani, the careful drying of grape bunches hung on ropes.

“Armenia is fast being recognized globally for a set of wines that have a beautiful blend of familiarity and uniqueness that sparks a satisfying intrigue among consumers,” says Zack Armen, the second-generation Armenian-American who in 2018 founded Storica Wines, which imports Armenian wines to the U.S. In addition to Areni, which has a fresh and juicy profile similar to Pinot Noir, the white grape Voskehat—meaning “golden berry”—is poised as a Chardonnay alternative.

If you’re curious about Van Ardi, you can learn more about them here, and purchase their wines on our shop page

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