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Storica is Synonymous with Fine Armenian Wine.

Storica Wines is an Armenian wine import company in the US.

We are here, of course, to drink our wine. But we are also here to celebrate the soul, the history, and the song of Armenia.

Our Story

Co-founded by Zack Armen in 2018, Storica Wines is ushering in the most exciting new category in the wine world. We work with producers who are leading Armenia’s wine renaissance and celebrate its rich winemaking heritage.

With each bottle sold, we aim to share Armenia’s story with American consumers. We are honored to amplify the wines of Armenia in the United States. Our wines feature indigenous grapes that have been grown in these soils for more than 6,000 years.

All of Storica’s wines from Armenia are carefully chosen. They mirror our point of view and the country itself: full of life and resiliency.

Our Mission

Storica’s entire team is driven by a singular mission. We believe that, for every bottle or glass of Armenian wine we help sell in the U.S., we are bringing new attention to a country with a rich history and culture that is too often attacked or overlooked.

We believe that promoting Armenian wine could help the country itself resonate in the hearts and minds of U.S. consumers. Our goal is for the entire world to recognize Armenia for the beautiful place it is and the culture it represents, and to build bridges with allies near and far.

Our team is unwaveringly focused on bringing wines from Armenia to as many hands, mouths, and hearts as possible in the United States. Please, join us in raising a glass and exploring the beauty of Armenian wine!

Through our Sip to Give program, Storica Wines is proud to donate 5% of all membership sales from Club Storica to Armenian charitable causes that are near and dear to our hearts. As a member of Club Storica, you are helping to contribute to the lifeblood of Armenia in more ways than just to the vintners in our portfolio, and we thank you.

Our Founder

Zack Armen

Storica co-founder Zack Armen is passionate about all things Armenia. Alongside his successful career in finance and biotech, Armen founded Storica in 2018 with the goal to bring the story of Armenia’s rich heritage and modern day wine renaissance to Americans, with the hope that it would not only deliver a valuable new product category to the US wine & spirits industry, but that it would generate tourism, economic growth, and a broader acknowledgment and appreciation of Armenia and Armenian culture.

A second-generation Armenian-American, Armen serves on the advisory boards of several private companies and is an active participant in efforts for the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF), a charitable organization his family founded in 2022. He graduated from The Johns Hopkins University and holds a Master of Business Administration from MIT Sloan School of Management.

We present to you Armenian wine. Welcome.

Explore Our Armenian Wines


Founded in 2013 by Vahe Keushguerian, Keush is the first traditional-method sparkling wine crafted from indigenous Armenian grape varieties. Keushguerian and his team source Voskehat, Areni, and Khatouni grapes from high-elevation volcanic soils in Armenia’s Vayots Dzor region.

At more than 5,000 feet above sea level, these are the highest vineyards in Armenia and among the highest vineyards in the world to produce traditional-method sparkling wines.

noa wine brand

A collaboration between esteemed Swiss winemaker Jakob Schuler and Armenian master oenologist Armen Manukyan, Noa produces minimal-intervention wines from high-altitude plots in southeastern Vayots Dzor.

Bottlings include an unoaked white blend made with Voskehat and Khatouni, as well as varietal and reserve Areni red wines. Noa’s Areni wines are made with hand-harvested grapes and fermented in stainless steel, and portions are aged in wood barrels to create richly layered dry red wines.


Armenian winemakers Vahe Keushguerian, Vahe Gabrache, and Arman Manoukian founded this small-production winery in 2017. Their fruit is grown on old vines approximately 40-60 years old in Vayots Dzor, and the resulting grapes are nuanced, balanced, and deeply concentrated.

Oshin’s limited-production range includes barrel-fermented Voskehat white wine and barrel-aged Areni red wine, both of which are elegant and age-worthy.


Named for the Armenian word for “chauffeur,” these wines are as bright and boisterous as the cabbies who help visitors and locals alike explore Armenia’s diverse terrain.

Bottlings include Shofer Rosé, a refreshing wine made with 100% Areni, the leading dry red wine grape in Armenia; as well as Shofer Areni, a dry red wine characterized by bright red berries; and Shofer Voskehat, a dry white wine with stone fruit and herbal flavors.

Van Ardi Armenian Best Wine

Located in Aragatsotn, a historic winemaking region in the foothills of Mount Aragats, this organic winery is helmed by Varuzhan Mouradian, who lived in Los Angeles for years before returning to his native Armenia in 2008 to found the estate.

Named for the ancient Armenian capital to which Mouradian trades his ancestry, Van Ardi’s wines include a varietal Areni red wine and a complex red blend made with three indigenous Armenian red wine grapes: Areni, Kakhet, and Haghtanak.

Voskevaz Best Armenian Wine

This family-owned winery in Armenia’s Aragatsotn region sources grapes from across the country for its Karasi Collection. Fermented in the traditional clay amphorae known as karas, and matured in oak barrels, Voskevaz’s wines marry ancient and modern traditions and techniques.

The company is helmed by three brothers. David Hovhannisyan acquired the winery in 1997, and was later joined by eldest sibling Gagik Oganesyan, an artist and architect, and Armen Oganesyan, a metalworker who created the iron and bronze accents throughout their estate.


Second-generation winemaker Aimee Keushguerian founded Zulal in 2017. The name means “pure” in Armenian, and Zulal aims to express its wines’ distinctive character via high-elevation viticulture and volcanic soils.

In addition to Areni and Voskehat, Keushguerian features lesser-known Armenian wine grapes like Koghbeni, Karmir Kot, Sireni, and Kakhet from small-production growers.