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Storica is Synonymous with Fine Armenian Wine.

We are here, of course, to drink our wine. But we are also here to celebrate the soul, the history, and the song of Armenia.

Our Story

Storica was founded to share Armenia’s story as a burgeoning authority in wine and its history as the birthplace of wine with consumers in the United States. Our wines express indigenous grapes grown 6,000 years ago, and they mirror the country and our point of view – full of life, resiliency, and familiar yet unique taste.

Our Mission

As an integrated partner and creative resource, Storica would serve owners and operators of the most sought-after Armenian brands, vineyards, wine makers, and producers with Marketing, Sales and Operations Services. We drive powerful and comprehensive education, awareness and sales of Armenian wines, and offer new tasting profiles featuring quality, perspective, and value.  As our industry grows, we expect to grow with it, expanding into off the beaten path styles and growing our range of lesser known indigenous grape varieties.

We hope you’ll join in in celebrating the people, and the wines of Armenia.

We present to you Armenian wine. Welcome.

Explore Our Brands

Keush Homepage

The first traditional method sparkling wine crafted from Armenian Indigenous varieties. Grapes are sourced from high elevation vineyards 1750m above sea level grown in volcanic soil. These are the highest vineyards in Armenia and among the highest vineyards in the world to produce Methode Traditionelle.

Zulal wine collection

Zulal means pure in Armenian. These wines aim to express the purest characteristics of Armenian indigenous grape varieties. High elevation viticulture, extreme climate, and volcanic soil give these wines their distinct character.