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Storica is Synonymous with Fine Armenian Wine.

Storica Wines is an Armenian wine import company in the US.

We are here, of course, to drink our wine. But we are also here to celebrate the soul, the history, and the song of Armenia.

Our Story

Storica Wines is ushering in the most exciting new category in the wine world, through a set of brands representing the finest quality and expression of Armenia’s rich heritage and renaissance in winemaking.

With each bottle sold, we aim to  share Armenia’s story as a burgeoning authority in wine and its history as the birthplace of wine with consumers in the United States. Our wines express indigenous grapes grown 6,000 years ago, and they mirror the country and our point of view – full of life, resiliency, and familiar yet unique taste.

Our Mission

Storica’s team has an undying focus on the mission driven nature of its work — we believe that, for every bottle or glass of wine we sell in the US, we are turning a new person’s attention to a little known place in the world that has historically been known for attacks on its land and culture from its nearby neighbors, the most recent of which occuring in Fall 2020 with Azerbaijan’s attacks on the region of Artsakh with the assistance of Turkey. 

By helping Armenia resonate in the hearts and minds of US consumers through wine, our hope is that this could help the world recognize Armenia for the beautiful place it is and the culture it represents — and as future conflicts occur, that Armenia will have more allies in the form of those who enjoy its wine with friends and family.

Our team is singularly focused on bringing our wines to as many “hands and mouths” as possible in the US: join us in raising a glass and exploring the beauty of Armenian wine!

We present to you Armenian wine. Welcome.

Explore Our Wines

The first traditional method sparkling wine crafted from Armenian Indigenous varieties. Grapes are sourced from high elevation vineyards 1750m above sea level grown in volcanic soil. These are the highest vineyards in Armenia and among the highest vineyards in the world to produce Methode Traditionelle.

Zulal means pure in Armenian. These wines aim to express the purest characteristics of Armenian indigenous grape varieties. High elevation viticulture, extreme climate, and volcanic soil give these wines their distinct character.

Shofer rosé embodies the rich, red-berried nature of Areni, Armenia’s leading red grape variety. Filled with aromas of cherry and strawberry, the palate is refreshing, dry and packs real punch in terms of flavor.

Oshin was founded in 2017 by Vahe Keushguerian, Vahe Gabrache, and Arman Manoukian. Oshin is a small production wine; grapes for Oshin are grown by 2 grape-growers in Vayots Dzor and grapevines are approximately 40-60 year old, yielding grapes that are ripe and deeply concentrated in flavor.

Van Ardi Armenian Best Wine

Van Ardi translates as ‘Sun of Van”, referring to the ancient capital of Armenia where founder Varuzhan Mouradian’s ancestors are from. The winery is known for producing expressive, fruit-forward wines with complexity and balanced use of oak.

Voskevaz Best Armenian Wine

Voskevaz is a family owned winery in the Aragatsotn region of Armenia. They work with quality-focused growers in various regions to source grapes for their ‘Karasi Collection’ wines; fermented in traditional clay amphorae (Karas) and matured in oak barrels. A perfect marriage of ancient and modern techniques, with attention to quality and detail.