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Discover The Fine Wines of Armenia

Come taste the next emerging wine region of the world. Explore our wines now.

Hand-Picked Armenian Wines

Storica is a collection of carefully selected wine brands that reflect our exceptional terroir, ancient viticultural history, and high winemaking standards.

The Origin of Armenian Wine

Armenia, one of the most ancient countries in the world, is considered the cradle of wine – the country where wine production was born. Over its history, winemaking has stopped and started due to geopolitical conflict and politics. However, much like Armenian’s themselves, grape-growing and wine production has survived through millennia, and today, it is experiencing a renaissance.

Explore Our Brands

The first traditional method sparkling wine crafted from Armenian Indigenous varieties. Grapes are sourced from high elevation vineyards 1750m above sea level grown in volcanic soil. These are the highest vineyards in Armenia and among the highest vineyards in the world to produce Methode Traditionelle.

Zulal means pure in Armenian. These wines aim to express the purest characteristics of Armenian indigenous grape varieties. High elevation viticulture, extreme climate, and volcanic soil give these wines their distinct character.

Discover. Taste. Enjoy.

We’re actively expanding our reach throughout the country, so please view our up-to-date map and list of current cities where our wines are now available, and where to purchase online.